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. . . - igorlisov [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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. . . [Dec. 28th, 2016|08:26 pm]
Знаешь друг.. Мне ужасно горько
Оттого что столько уродов
Покалеченных и бессильных
Да и мы с тобою не лучше

Ничего мы с тобой не можем
(Если честно, руку на сердце)
Сыпем буквы - зерно пустое
Не накормишь ведь так голодных

Замерзающих не согреешь
Не вернешь навсегда ушедших
Знаем, плавали - бесполезно
Даже крик - и тот не поможет

А ещё от того досадно
Что уродство не знает меры
Что отдельные наши уроды
Берега совсем потеряли

Тут ведь как? Человек - он смертен
А порою ещё и внезапно
А бывает и коллективно
И вот с этим-то что поделать?..

Ладно если еще причина
Неизвестна. (Стихия. Случай..)
Или там, эпидемия, голод..
(То есть, наоборот, все ясно.)

Но когда человек разумный
Вдруг становится той причиной
По которой другие внезапно
А порой ещё и коллективно...

И когда на этих ушедших
Сыпят буквы - зерно пустое...
Хоть пустое, да много плевел
Шелухи, мякины и грязи.

Как такое вообще возможно
В ясной памяти, в здравом рассудке?..
(Впрочем, нам ли тут про рассудок
А тем более - про память...)

Но понятно, понятно что можно
Напрямую не быть причиной
Того что другие внезапно
А порой еще коллективно..

Можно косвенно. Песней. Танцем.
Те же буквы. Зерно пустое
А горит будь здоров! На славу!
Еще как огонь разжигает.

Всё идет на дело. В копилку.
Каждой буквой и каждым звуком.
(Мы тут тоже с тобой, между прочим
Уже по уши с этой песней.)

Все, конечно, по-своему правы
Каждый прав со своей колокольни
А неправых прочих - уроет
Песней. Танцем. Утопит в буквах.

Ну а кто посмелей (или безумней)
Тот конкретно - на передовую
Где огонь разожгли настоящий
Жечь! Палить! Самому сгорая...

В дом ко мне пробралось уродство
Выворачивает меня и крутит
И выкручивает изнутри моих близких
Это, друг, пострашней холеры

Мы с тобою не лучше многих
Ничего изменить не можем
Покалечены и бессильны
И от этого мне жутко горько

Что же нам с тобой остаётся?..

[User Picture]From: sophieocean
2016-12-29 09:44 pm (UTC)

Here is some water, some light, some bread, and some warmth


It is the same, what can you do?
You can do plenty.
You can chose to ignore the other one's folie, and to let time, and wisdom come at their own pace into them.
You cannot accelerate that, and you can never give wisdom to another human. She has to reach for it on her own.
Its life.

You have to understand with your heart and soul to become wise, and she understand it with her mind and not even there she wants to admit mistakes.
Its like that.

In middle age they burned witches for famine, pest, and usual misfortune. Today its you.

Dont let someone mistake consume you in pain, you are not the mistake nor the cause of it.

It can be very sad to watch a friend not understand reason, even more when its someone dear, but you can only accept that the person dont want to see.
Sometimes its you who act like that too, and someone else will think you are crazy, and have lost all reason, and heart.

She will one day come to see it the right way, and anyway it will still be the same, as it will not repair the damage her folly has created nor the wounds it has inflicted on others.
It is therefore best to leave it alone.

Let her deal with her karma, who was ver since long, but that she don't want to let go, and after having done your best, let it go, as to keep coming back at it is the person's choice and life.
You cant interfere with it
Its part of her learning pattern, part of her destiny, part of her cycle of learning, and growing.

When she will be tired to run in circle and go nowhere, and tired of the self inflicted torment, she will stop.
Eventually the light will hit the fan, and she will see clearly her mistake, and will fall again in an even deeper misery at first, remembering how confused she had been and how much she tormented others.
Or maybe she will just ignore it, as she does now, to dont have to face the whole picture of her reality.
To face herself, and what she really did.

You cannot walk the path of life for another human,
and peoples ignominies are their own.
Not yours to carry.
even if they try hard to make you do so, using guilt and lies, to keep a wound open and reopen new wounds.

It is unfair, so totally unfair and unjustified, and wrong, and hurtful, and even choking, but its not the truth, not even hers, its just a story, who do not include you, nor depict you, as it was never real.
Of course it doesn't change the fact that someone made that story.. and served it to you as if it was the truth..
Overcome this, take it as a passage ritual, not something you are asked to carry.
Drop it on your way out
It was never meant for you to carry.

Wisdom never healed a wounded heart, but i hope it will help your eyes to see from a lighter and brighter perspective, and help you to can move ahead.

This kind of vitriol, even coming from a close friend will hurt anyone, deeply.
But dont stay too long in the bath of suffering, get out of that purgatory, and back to life.

You have been forced to drink at this venom for too long now. Its time for you to get some clear water, and better nourishment for your soul.

I tell you that with all the gratitude, that you did not receive where it should have come from,
and in all respect for what you have achieved who was once acknowledged, and then taken back and refuted, and not even taken in consideration to lighten the judgement, but diminished to nothing to justify her wrongs, quickly forgetting that once your help was needed, and was received open handedly...
and then closed..

Be proud of what you did, regret nothing, walk proudly
here, no mistake and no wrong was done by you
It is usual for human to make mistakes, that you repaired a thousand times.
Ignore the condemnations.
You have since long paid your tributes,
and she is not god nor has any heavenly power
only the rage and hate the lost ones have, when they do not want to take the way they know they must take and prefer stay offended, by creating imaginary offense, to can complain.

Remove yourself from it, as it has nothing to do with you in reality.
It is part of that person's learning road, you are just instrumental to her denial to do what she has to do.
Remove you, and she will have no other choice but to confront reality, to learn, and to come out of this world of lies she constructed.

Edited at 2016-12-29 10:04 pm (UTC)
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